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September 15...

On September 15, 2010 I created my first blog post.
I am about 2 weeks late, but better late than NEVER.


(cupcake picture taken off of pinterest.com)

This blog community has become some kind of second nature to me.
I cannot get over all the wonderful people I have met and all the things I have been able to do because of this little world.

Let me explain:
  • Because of Camilla I was able to be a part of an online magazine, gain a person on twitter who actually tweets me AND I have won a giveaway!
  • I was able to be a guest blogger on CBL and am so thankful that Kathleen was the person who introduced me to this interesting community that I will never be able to forget.
  • I was able to talk two of my great friends to get a blog of their own: Nicole and Lila (cannot remember her url/but she is Many the Miles on the side of my page).
  • Over the year my blog has gained 58 followers and I cherish EACH one of you!
So many things have happened over this first year and I cannot wait to document the next ones.  I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far and just like a baby who just turned one; I have a lot more growing to do and I cannot wait to see what will develop.


  1. how am i just seeing this now?!?!

    this is so sweet! i'm happy you're blogging!


  2. ps. happy 1st birthday (and 1 month!) to your blog!

  3. Thank you Camilla! Can't wait to see what this next year brings! :)


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