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Life is a BEACH...and I'm just a WEDDING guest...

One of my best friends, Colleen, got married this past Saturday.

10.22.2011 will always be the most perfect day in my opinion.

Not one cloud covered the bluest of skies that afternoon,
a slight breeze hit each person on the Gulf Shores beach, but we were also warm.
Warm with happiness for these two crazy kids; warm from the sun but mostly warm from all the love we could feel surrounding us.

Like I have said before, I feel just like another family member to this Dalton family.
I am referred to as the "third daughter" and that never fails to make me smile.

Saturday was a day of hanging out in a beach house and soaking up all the delicious wedding food, laughing, taking pictures and of course sampling the bride & groom's cakes.

I will never forget this day.

Just in case you forgot who the Bride and Maid of Honor were... 

Here are some of the pictures I took Saturday.
My camera is not the greatest so you can't really see how good we look.
I mean, the BRIDE looks.
Me, conceited? Nooo way.

Even though it is blurry, this was one of my favorite pictures.

Forgot to tell you: 
On Friday afternoon while hanging out with the bridal party..it was time for the rehearsal.
Colleen asked me to be her PROXY BRIDE at the last minute and I was overcome with excitement.
Even though it wasn't a big deal, I had so much fun.
Walking down with my "second dad" and jokingly holding the groom's hand...it was a special moment.
That is also why we are holding hands in the blurry picture above; in case you were wondering. 

Running out *twice* because not everyone had their sparklers lit at the same time. :) 

Colleen and my younger sis, Nikki

Colleen and Cupit (She caught the bouquet!) 

Mom and her 2 daughters

Me and Claire
We are so "tute" ;) 

One look and I said: "Profile picture, Cupit, profile picture"

Me and my 2nd Momma
Can't you see the family resemblance? 

Up Next:
A beach photo shoot (unfortunately none with the bride) and I promise BLOOPER pictures.

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