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Spankin' Monkeys and $4.00 water.

Two nights ago, I went out.....in Jackson.
If you know me at all, this is very rare.  
I usually do not hit up the club scene in our capitol city.

I went to a halloween house party invited by my friend, Kasey and then made my way downtown to Club Magoo's. Yes, you read that right....Magoo's. 

I had so much fun. 
After the awful band (called Spank the Monkey) finally stopped playing at 2 a.m., they played rap music and I got down to business. 

I am thankful to my friend Lacey who drove me around and kept me and Brooke safe.

My favorite picture. 

"They call me to referee 'cause I be so official." -Drake

Referee, Vampire, Nurse


Me and Karuhh.

Lacey, Me, Karuhh, and Brooke


Me and Brooke.

Now after we took all these photos...I got thirsty.
Now, this bar was a "bring your own liquor" kinda place.
Well, I did not drink last night and all I wanted was some water.
4.00 for ONE cup of water.
Needless to say, I only got one cup.
and dehydrated until I got to Waffle House.


What....a night.
I would do it all over again.


  1. You may not go out *anymore* but I remember those Fire nights! well... most of them :)

  2. Haha very true. I still remember the night I was like "Fire, really? I wanna go to the Horseshoe!!" hahaha oh silly me.


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