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Walkin' in Memphis....

Colleen's Bachelorette Weekend was one where I had absolutely no expectations.
I just wanted to make sure Colleen had a GREAT time, and I think us girls accomplished that. times ten.

I made it to Tupelo last Friday night just in time for the lingerie shower and cupcake eating party.

I had a little bit more to give Colleen during her lingerie shower.
For each one of my closest friends that gets married, I do a version of the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

The old is always something old that brings back a memory. For example, Colleen's something old was a dvd I made for her that has old video clips of us and LOTS of pictures with songs playing in the background.

The something new was her lingerie from Victoria Secret.

The something borrowed was a Yellowcard cd that I had in my car from one of our first road trips together and a rag that I had borrowed from her house last time I was there.

The something blue was something I really had fun with.  I made her a Bachelorette Survival Kit and everything in the kit was blue.

I have had a few people tell me that I'm very creative....I never really thought of myself that way.  I just like making things for my friends. :)

Here are the gifts from me...

If you wanted to see what it said...

The lingerie shower Cupcakes...

Saturday was a different adventure...
We left Tupelo and drove to Memphis.
After taking a wrong turn and ending up in Arkansas,
we got down to business...on Beale Street.

The Bride with alllll her bling.

Me, Colleen and Ashley

All of us.
Me, Lila, Claire, Colleen and Ashley

One more time...

While we were waiting for the trolley to take us to Beale Street,
a sweet lady decided she would take us down there in a horse-drawn carriage.
We loved it and it only cost us a $1. (of course we tipped her a lot more.)

Once we got to Beale Street, we were carded and scanned with metal detectors.
For a split second, I thought I was in an airport. Silly.
Then we began bar hopping.  We did it big guys.  Got back to the hotel around 5 am.
Like I said in New Orleans...dancing with your girls until the sun rises is really what life is all about. 
Well, my life anyways.

Wanna know how much stuff we took to stay in Memphis for less than 18 hours?
Here ya go....

Obviously we tipped the guy that helped us with our bags too.

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