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Bulldog Bash 2011.

After having the day off of work Friday, I went shopping and to lunch with my Mom. 
Mid afternoon I packed and got ready to go to Starkville with my bff, Kristin.

We went to Chili's the minute we got to Stark-Vegas and fought through crowds at Bulldog Bash (the concert portion); I immediately regretted taking my purse with me, but then again it was an object that I could hit people with on purpose. After finding out that you had to have a VIP bracelet to use the restroom, I was beyond ready to go.

We ended up at going to a friend's apartment and playing beer pong until 2:30 in the morning.
Why yes, I did pretend I was in college again.


After being awake when Saturday rolled around and barely getting any sleep, 
we made our way to the tailgating section of the program.  
It is also where I stayed until 9 that night, freezing my butt off.

I saw and hung out with everyone that I find important to me.
Here they are:

Kristin in her British coat. :) 

David with swag.

Claire and Fi-Fi-Hubs

Me and Joe 

I have missed this guy, Joe.
He is presh and so easy to talk to. 
He lives up North and I think he should come down South more.

I also made him have a mini-photo shoot with all of us girls.

Bulldog Bash would not be the same without all of my people.

You never realize who God puts in your path to make you better; I am so glad I took a step back and looked down that path and saw them.
You really do find your best friends in College.
Unless your lucky enough to keep your high school ones through your college years.
Kristin, that is you.

We are so 'TUTE'

Me and Rap Community (Lila's boyfriend) 

Me and the Newlywed 

I don't think me and Kristin have ever taken a better picture. 

Me and Lila

I felt like ending my blog post today with a picture of just myself.
So cocky and selfish of me. 
It happens.

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