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Candy & Kittycats

This past Monday night was the annual Trick-or-Treating around my hometown.
I did not want to be as "exposed" as I made myself on Saturday night, so my sister let me borrow her outfit from the weekend.  My mom teased my hair pretty big and I put on more makeup than I've worn all year. 

If I said the night was great, the 3 year old was the most excited she's ever been, and that I also got a big bag of candy: I'd be LYING

Enjoy the pictures: 

Even Brailyn (the kittycat) noticed my eyes.  
Here is our conversation:

B: "Aunt Cassie, I like your eyes."
Me: "Well thank you Bray, it's just eyeshadow and some mascara. I can do your eyes like this if you want me too..you want me to do your eyes like this?"
B:  "I don't like it that much."  

The love of Brailyn's life, Harry Potter. 
Yes, that is the cat's name.

The kittycat herself.
I kept calling her "Thacary Binx" (from Hocus Pocus)
She did not answer to that. 

The ONLY picture she smiled in.

Take ONE. 

Take TWO. Mucho better. 

This picture was taken right when we started trick or treating. 3 houses later, she said and I quote, "I gotta get out of dis place." 
I almost dropped her from laughing so hard.
Wanting candy was not on her list but being witty sure as heck was. 

Another classic picture that I was randomly blessed with.

I don't think I could end this post with a better picture so you get this:
Me carrying the 3 year old kittycat's cauldron after walking up to a high school friend's house and him saying "aren't you a little old to be trick or treating?"

Couldn't asked for a better night you guys.
It was definitely one for the books.

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