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Celebrity Gossip makes me smile BIG.

What do I live for?
Well, for starters: caffeine (coke or dr. pepper), chocolate, a well made Newks caesar salad and laughing.
But you know what really gets me going: 
Celebrity Gossip.

Never underestimate the power of the press and the Kardashian clan. 

 Then guess who wanted in on the press releases today?

Oh Kristin. 
Sweet sweet 'only danced on DTWS like 4 times" Kristin.

If you are my friend on facebook, you already saw my status today.
But if your not, I'll let it slide this time and re-write it for you here.
You're welcome.
FB status:

Dear all celebrities on Twitter,
If a Kardashian has BIG news like a baby or a divorce, hold off a day.  Tweet about your engagement the next day.  I like you Kristin C, from Laguna, but you didn't plan this one out.  Nobody does press better than a Kardashian.
Your follower :)

I say all this to just let you know what gets my day started: Celebrities talking about their lives.  
I typically don't believe any rumor until the particular celebrity or Guliana Rancic tweets about it. 
But when they do, my day has been made.
Consider today to be a double whammy of sorts.
Consider today to be a great one.
p.s. I also got paid today but just knowing that Kourt might pull this baby out of her va-jay-jay too is better than money.



  1. bahahaha ha girl you are funny. i didnt know kristin and her man are back together?? say what?? thanks for filling me in :)

  2. Kristin is a dumb dumb. CAN YOU BELIEVE Kourt is having another baby?? In the words of my mother, "she doesn't even like Scott, he's jut her sperm donor."


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