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Dance Floor Disaster.

I totally forgot to elaborate on the nightlife for Colleen's Bachelorette Weekend.
Let's just say I had no expectations and great things happened because of that.

If you have never been on Beale Street in Memphis, I will fill you in on a little secret:
It is just one street and it is about 1/4 the size of Bourbon Street in New Orleans.
I was surprised to find out that they were carding at the beginning of the street and then
you were scanned by someone who used to work at an airport.

After saying "your good;" us girls went about our business.
Found beers, frozen drinks, a band and some older couples (who were the sweetest and easiest people to talk to ever) and made our way into a few bars.
Even though I'm not a fan of bands, this one was okay.
Facial expressions don't lie.

That face is almost embarassing.

Another fun fact: I am a great wing woman.
You know what a great wing woman gets?

A jerk that likes to almost choke you 4+ times on the dance floor while not getting you a simple glass of water and kissing you for 3 hours but never asking your name.

"Who is the guy that did that to you Cassie?"
Well, thank you for asking.
Here he is: 

and there I am. 

Now wouldn't that be the cutest picture if he wasn't a jerk?
Yes. Yes it would.
Thanks for agreeing. 


Now back to our night.
Here were some before nightlife pictures: 

Me and the Bride before dinner...

Dressing the Bachelorette in all of her Bachelorette goodies

Me and the Maid of Honor on the trolley

I think that is all I can tell you about Memphis.
We went, we saw, we conquered.
We also left with all of our dignity; I cannot say the same for Mr. No-name Jerk.

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