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Fairy Tales are True.......seriously.

The other day I had an idea to see if any of my favorite blogger women wanted to guest post on my blog...and guess what?!
They do!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to bring these lovely girls over here to answer a few questions I had for them or to completely talk about whatever they want to.
Now my first guest blogger ever was Kathleen over at Carrie Bradshaw Lied.
If you have not visited her page yet, you should go. now.

But if you have, stick around and scroll down.
I have a treat for you today.

Meet Sarah from Fairy Tales are True.

1. What kind of camera do you use?  Has there ever been something you did not catch on film and wish you would have?

I have a canon 60d, and i mainly use my 50mm lense.  Yes of course, sometimes I am surrounded by so much beauty that I just take it in and forget to capture it.  But then again, I'm glad I do that sometimes.  Sometimes you just need a moment to marvel.  

2  I remember reading about your etsy shop.  Will you elaborate and how much does one of your pictures cost? 

 I opened it up in January of this year.  My photos range from $5-$20.  But I've done a lot of custom orders.  My largest custom order was mural sized.  It turned out awesome!  

3.  If you never had that health scare/surgery, do you think your life would have been drastically different?  

I do know I'd be married to JB.  I'm not sure I would have ever gone after my masters.  Being sick at a relatively young age gave me a different perspective, compassionate tinted glasses, and the knowledge of what is truly important.  These are things that I didn't have much of before the surgeries.  And in an odd way I am very thankful for having gone through difficulties.  It has given me strength.  

4. You and JB's story really is that out of a fairy tale.  My question is, how do you keep yall's marriage so lovely? [It seems like each time you talk /tweet about him you are just more and more in love and that is so inspiring to this single gal] 

It's not always perfect, there's definitely some messy moments.  But I feel blessed to have married such a kind, thoughtful, and easy going guy.  We've only been married less than two years, so we are definitely still in the silly honeymoon phase (i hope to always be in that phase by the way), but anytime we do get into a fight we hug it out.  we hold hands.  its weird to say but you definitely work for a resolution more than just fight for your way when you're touching in some way.  

5.  What is your favorite movie of all time?  

This is so hard.  I have to say - a tie.  The Princess Bride and Enchanted.  

6.  How did you get started blogging?  

I started reading blogs when I was engaged.  I started my own after we were married for a month in 2010.  I was hooked ever since!  


I just want to say a special "thank you" to Sarah for agreeing to take this little q&a from me. Her blog is an absolute treasure.  She has the best photography (in my opinion) and every picture in this post is hers.  I hope each one of you stops what your doing and clicks here.  I will also be buying some pictures from her Etsy shop in the near future.

If you are still unsure of how great her photography is, look at this: 

Sarah took a picture in New Orleans of the exact view I had when I checked into the hotel that Friday night for Claire's bachelorette party.  Don't make me go back to telling you how much I loved that city; cause I will in a heartbeat. 


I wish you and JB nothing but the absolute best and I don't think yall will have a problem staying in the honeymoon phase.  I hope to one day find a love like you have found in him. You are beautiful, your blog is wonderful and I cannot wait to keep reading a true fairy tale

One of your biggest fans/followers ;) 

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