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Little Things and Curiosities...

If you have never been on this next girl's blog, you are missing out on a daily dose of beautiful pictures and well-written posts.  

Her name is Laura and she is the beautiful lady behind Little Things and Curiosities.

Let's meet her, shall we? 

1.  You are a fantastic writer.  Are you considering writing a book in the near future?

This is definitely the question I'm asked most often :) And yes, I'm exactly six chapters into my novel-in-progress, a story about a woman in her late twenties who is forced to work with a person from her past--a man she both loved and hated, both admired and pitied. It's a character-driven piece about love and loss: what's worth holding on to and when to let go.

2.  I have been thinking about putting my writing skills to the test.  If I wanted to write a book, what advice would you give me (or anyone else) as to starting it?

My first piece of advice for anyone who wants to write--especially if they want to write an entire book--is to read two of my favorites: Anne Lamott's "Bird by Bird" and "On Writing" by Stephen King. From there, just keep on reading. A lot. Read anything and everything. Read things you know you'll love and things that might surprise you. Read the newspaper and The New Yorker and travel guides: you never know what will inspire you!  

3.  What is your favorite movie of all time? Why?

Favorite movie of all time?  Wow, this is an impossible question...I think if I had to choose, though, it would be Love Actually.  It's charming, it's holiday themed, it's British (!!) and it has one of the best messages I can think of: "Love actually is all around." 

4.  I have seen on your blog about Montemarte? What made that place so special for you?

It's all going to sound dramatic, but isn't that how it goes when you describe something you really love? 

Well, the first time I visited Montmartre I was seventeen. For the entire month of June I'd been living in Paris, eating and touring and shopping my way through the city. During the last week of my stay, I finally took the metro to Montmartre and I still count it as one of the best days of my life. 

I was enchanted--there's no other word to describe it. Enchanted by the musicians playing on the steps of Sacre Coeur, by the grandeur of Sacre Coeur itself, but mostly by the fairy tale brilliance of a town square filled with artists creating. I watched the painters as they filled their canvases with French scenery and Montmartre architectures and tourists' faces, and I was in awe. 

Since then I've spent five full days in Montmartre, and each time I find myself lingering in creperies or dallying in the local galleries or weaving among the flowery alleys and I think: This is heaven. 
This is most definitely my version of heaven.

5.  If you had one year to go anywhere in the world and do anything you wanted with a limitless amount of money, what would you do?

That's easy: An entire year spent in Europe with all my closest friends and family. We'd take a full month to tour France, a full month in England, a full month in Greece and Spain and Italy. Germany and Switzerland. We'd revisit Prague, take our time in Portugal. 

There would be lots of walking and eating and long afternoons lazing in the sun or floating on the Mediterranean. Oh, to have limitless time and money :)


Ever since I stumbled across your blog one day at work, I haven't missed a post. I read your whole page that week and realized a few things about you: your love for writing, your love for Radley, your love for the color blue (or turquoise) and the love you have for California/the ocean.

Every day you post I either learn something about you or about myself. 
 I think that is the best kind of blog to have.  You inspire me and I hope to one day have as great of a blog as you do.

Thank you for taking the time away from your novel to answer my silly questions.  I cannot wait to read your book and maybe meet you in the near future! 


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