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Models Shmodels...

Tonight is the night.

I will admit something most of you already know if you have looked at my pictures on here:
I am no supermodel.

But there are some girls who are and I watch them every year.

I will probably never in my entire life get as fit as these girls.

I may never feel as sexy in their $65 dollar bras as they do.

But one thing I can do is watch them on television.

Bring it on CBS.

Your 'out of shape' fan will be rooting you on at 9 tonight (which is like....now).

Happy Early Christmas to whoever is reading this!!

On a random note:

I would love if my hair would do that.

or that.


  1. Your hair would look cute like that! You need a bump it. It seems pretty easy. I just saw this video yesterday:

  2. I do need to invest in a bump it. Thanks girl!


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