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Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks?

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of giving thanks for everything I have.
Everything that GOD has blessed me with.

Blessings in the form of family: 2 loving still married parents, a wonderful sister who just understands me & just sent me an invite to Pinterest (love/hate her for it ha) and for the family dog, named Sam, who is ridiculous and almost blind in both eyes but still likes to run down the street and have our old neighbor bring him back to us. 

For my beautiful friends. Without their friendships, I doubt I would be the person I am today.  Actually, I know I would not be.  Each one has a special place in this beating heart of mine and I thank the good Lord above for placing me in their lives and visa versa. 

Blessings in the shape of my 11 year old car that I drove off the lot February of 2005; for living in the same house since I was a toddler and it never being damaged by any type of storm; for always having food in my pantry & a home-cooked meal almost every night of the week; a blessing in the shape of my mom still doing the laundry so that I always have a clean pair of black pants to wear to work; and a blessing that I have a job and as of last week, I can never get fired from it.

Blessings such as: music that plays on my Ipod/cd player, this laptop I am typing on right now, television shows that make me laugh/cry, books, my camera...but more importantly, pictures. Pictures that make you remember and then make you smile. 

Other things I'm thankful for: caffeine (preferably Coke or Dr. Pepper), chocolate, Newk's caesar salad & pickles, Wendy's fries.  Thankful for laughter, movies, and mini bags of popcorn.  

I am just thankful. 
(have I said that word enough times yet?)

Thankful that tomorrow I will ride for the 24th time up to my grandmother's house and will walk in and hug everyone and dive right into a plate of deviled eggs.  
Yall know how much I love 'em.

I really do have so much to be thankful for. 
And when I really, really think about it, this blog post, could go on and on forever. 
But I will not torture you guys with that. 
Your Thanksgiving day/weekend should be relaxing.

So without further ado,

My mom makes the best blueberry pie.
Another thing I'm thankf....dang, told yall I would stop. 
I'm done. :) 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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