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Last Weekend and a Give-away.

Well, blogger friends I kinda have fell off the blog train this past week.
Wanna know what I did?  NOTHING.

I completely just worked in my cubicle and came home and slept. 
I went to Memphis last Friday and I still haven't un-packed from it.
And if I am being honest with myself, I probably won't until this thursday night when I pack for Georgia on Friday.
World traveler, I am.


Back to last weekend: 
The St. Jude Marathon Weekend

But before the race, it was Colleen's 25th Birthday!!

I want to personally thank Claire for making my hair look so fabulous.

Dear Colleen, 
I hope you had an absolutely fantastic 25th birthday.  You are now a quarter of a century old and I am not far behind you.  At the ripe age of 25 you have accomplished so much.  You are a USM graduate, a wife, a homeowner, and an employee at a brand new job.

I am so proud of you and so glad I got to spend a lot of time with you over this past year.  I cannot wait to see you at New Years and begin 2012 together. 
I feel like 25 is going to look good on us. 



Now on to the St. Jude Race..
I will admit that I was not super excited about this race.  I signed up for the half-marathon back in May and even wrote on SkinnyRunner that I was going to run it.
But I lied.
I apologize to you faithful reader, I do.

I ended up running/walking the 5k and I am really impressed with my final time. 
I finished in 49:05 seconds.  I feel like that is awesome since all I've been doing is eating sausage biscuits every morning and sitting down in a chair 40 hours a week.

Here is Lila and I before leaving to go to Memphis: 

And then us after the race: 

with our medals and our BIC bands.

Lila and Rap Community

This is what Chloe thinks of this blog post: 

and honestly, I don't blame her.
This is totally not my best one. 


On to something much better: 
Something YOU can WIN!

Everyone know Terri

Well if you don't you should get to know her.
I absolutely love her blog. 
She tells it just how it is but it always ends up making me laugh.

Her hubby is a musician and he is having a giveaway.
Giving away an awesome t-shirt, his songs and a sticker. 
Who doesn't love stickers?

Anyway, please click here if you want to win these things.

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  1. Loves it! Gottcha Entered for a ton of entries.. you are in the lead for sure AND remember if you do win you get a extra special gift included in the package from Me because you're a blogger :)



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