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Oh, babyyy. Seriously.

Today is a very special day. 
My friend Anna had her first baby girl, Aubrie Kate. 

Dear Anna and Ben,

I hope you didn't mind me borrowing a couple of your pictures to put on here.  I absolutely loved all of the pictures Steph took of you three.  I cannot wait to meet this new bundle of joy. 

 In the middle of writing this post (yes, i write some of my blog posts at work and email them to myself...what, everyone else doesn't do that?) I was informed, Anna darling, that you were headed to get a C-section.  Sara told me that Aubrie Kate's hand was in the way.  I guess that just means that this girl will always give you a hand, whether it be a helping hand or holding hers up and saying "talk to the hand, mom". 

Yall really do have the best days ahead of you.
I cannot wait to see how those days and years unfold.

Aubrie Kate is an absolute doll. She is perfect.

You two are going to be perfect parents and I cannot wait to hold her, pinch her cheeks, and hold that hand that changed everything around today. 

Aunt Cassie


I absolutely cannot leave this post without posting some baby pictures I saw of myself this past weekend in Georgia.  My aunt has an old photo album full of my baby pictures up from years past.
Please take a look at these, especially the ridiculous spandex swimsuit.
Not a great look, thanks a lot Mom.

From this last picture, it looks like I could make myself laugh even from my crib.
I guess it is true, I. am. hilarious. 

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