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Sons (or daughter) of Anarchy

First and Foremost: 
I noticed that I gained 2 followers today...so whoever you are, WELCOME!!
I will try to not completely disappoint you in this blog world. I absolutely hope you stick around, read, comment, but most importantly....LAUGH. 


Well guess what everyone, I have a new television show addiction.

I bet everyone can hear crickets in the background right now because this isn't anything new.
I have a very addictive personality.

If you know me at all, you know I like what I like and if i don't like it? Well, that's it.  
I eat at the same places pretty much every week, have a coke or dr. pepper every morning and I talk to the same people every day.  
I'm a creature of habit and if it appeals to me, I want it.

So what is this new show you love, Cassandra?
Well thank you for asking.

It is called:

Heart be still. 

I will admit that this was not my first choice to watch this past Saturday night.
While staying at Cole's, Lila wanted to watch Sons of Anarchy. 
Me, never having seen an episode, was like 'eh, okay'. So Cole proceeds to put in the first episode of the first season.  Once the hour zoomed by, I was hooked.  

I had to know more about Jax, his crackhead baby momma, Juice, the newborn with the medical issues and of course the whole Mexican gang that was targeting them.


 What really sold me was the fact that at the beginning of the first episode, they just throw you into this fast-pace-harley-bike crew that can kick ass and take names.  And every episode you learn a little more (but not too much) about each character.  
The quote "and the plot thickens" describes this television show to the T.

I absolutely love it.

I want to stay at home every day and watch it.
However, I don't.
I work 40 hours a week and I don't own any of the dvds.

Dear Santa,
Put Sons of Anarchy, seasons 1, 2, and 3, under my tree please.

I'll leave you legit cookies.


I was mostly "nice" this year.


Wondering what the "daughter" is in my title?

Well, I'm not gonna lie: I would not mind having babies with this guy:

His name on the show is Juice.

And we could possibly have a girl.

Dare to dream.


Do any of yall watch this show? If so, are you as obsessed as I am?

Wait, that is probably a retorical question. (:


  1. I've been wanting to get into it and you have just made me want to watch it more.. Netflix here I come!!!

    PS. do you watch American Horror Story?! YOU TOTALLY SHOULD!

    Oh and you should do my Give-a-way!!! Check my blog girlie :)


    PS. only 4 people are in the runnings right now and Bloggers get extra ;)!

  2. I have heard about American Horror Story, but I have not seen an episode yet.

    I will be doing your giveaway tonight! I would love to own that t-shirt! (:

  3. OMG! i just recognized you on skinnyrunners blog!!!! HOW FREAKING COOL!

  4. Ha Jenny!! Isn't it great? I am no runner yet, but I love her blog! Miss you! :)


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