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The Third Tradition.

Tradition #3.  
Christmas Hi-Stepper Get-together
Last year, I was a part of a new tradition.  
A group of us Hi-Stepper (my community college dance team) girls get together and eat at Keifer's. 

Their menu's 

Our appetizer for the night.

Pretty much what I ordered except exchange the beef for turkey. yum.

Keifer's is a restaurant that serves Greek type food.  I always order the same thing every time I go: a turkey wrap with light feta cheese sauce and maybe a couple fries, okay, a lot of fries.

A small group of us actually made it to dinner but I would not have changed a second of it. 
I cherish this time that we spend together eating, laughing at old inside jokes, and then eating some more.  After we are finished eating, we give and receive little gifts.  Last year, I did not participate in the gift-giving because I did not know that's what we were doing. But you better believe, I was prepared this year.

My girls are so creative. Kimmie made picture frames, Deidre made clips for our hair, Bridget made a frame that holds earrings. I also received everything from a scarf, a necklace to 2 pairs of cozy, fuzzy socks.  I gave stockings with lotion and candy canes in them. 

I cannot wait to see them again (before NEXT december)! (: 

Clockwise from left: Bridget, Trish, Mrs. Angela, Me, Deidre 
In front: Kimmie and Danielle 

I have at least 2 more traditions coming up. Can't wait to tell you about them!

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