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Tradition #2

Tradition #2. 
Family Reunion at Uncle Mark's
The annual family reunion at Christmastime is one of lots of food, laughing, and hugging. 
You just don't enter the house or leave without "hugging everyone's necks" (as my mom describes it).  

Now since I forgot my camera on the actual day of the reunion, I have a photoshoot to show you from the day before. 
My sister wanted to take pictures for our Christmas Cards this year (yes, we are getting a late start and we realize you may not get them until Jan. 2, 2012.)  

Well, I got my hair done that morning and felt like a model so why not? Here goes the hot messes we are:

Shakin' what my momma gave me.

Straight model face right there.
Model body, no.

No picture is complete without some deer horns on a table.

After the photoshoot was over, it was time for the Richland Christmas Parade.
And more pictures in front of trees. 

Notice that says MADISON POLICE, too bad we don't live in MADISON. 

After the parade, Brooke and I went to the movies. 

We saw 'The Sitter' and it was inappropriate and hilarious.
The two things I look for in a film. 
It did not disappoint.

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