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Tradition #4.

Tradition #4: 
Christmas Light Lookin' 
I always forget how many years it has been that my bestie, Bridget, and I have been going "Christmas Light Lookin."  I asked her Thursday afternoon and she thinks we have been doing this since December 2006.  This will be our fifth year doing it then. 

It is one of those nights I look forward to the minute it turns December 1st. We decided to go this past Thursday night (the 22nd).  Bridget, myself, Paul, and Bridget's mom always meet at Bridget's house and get ready for our tradition.  

Our first stop is to eat at McAlisters for dinner.  Once dinner is over, it is usually dark so we start riding around and looking at which houses decorated; especially the house in Madison.


After multiple roads and cities, we make our next stop: Krispy Kreme Donuts.  We always order a box of 6 or 12, drink white or chocolate milks, and wear the silly hats and take pictures inside. However, Bridget teased my hair this year so I did not want to mess it up with the hat.

One of our last stops is always at the Flowood Park. We always take pictures on the sleigh attached to the reindeer made out of christmas lights.  

After the Flowood Park this year, we went back to Bridget's house and watched Elf.
Elf is the definition of Christmastime for me. That movie will never get old.

I hope this tradition continues until we are old. 
Maybe even when some of us have significant others/kids....but then we might not all fit in one vehicle.

You know it's not a proper blog post unless I end up posting some bloopers too. 
Here ya go: 

Bridget decided it would be fun to take a picture in the  backseat while its midnight dark and use the brightest flash I've ever seen.
Almost can't see now cause of the flash. 

I will end this post by letting you know what I said to the Krispy Kreme checkout girl. 
She asked me what we were getting and I said: "I don't know if we ordered a dozen or twelve of 'em." 


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