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24 before 25.

24 Realizations Before I turn 25
On May 2nd, I will be 25.  Unfortunately, my mindset is still on being 23.  
Last weekend in New Orleans some guy asked me how old I was and I hesitated and actually had to think about it. Sad, I know.  

I have realized that I cannot keep being the same person I am today; changes must be made so I can live my next 25 with as much energy as I did these first 25.  I have made a list of realizations today because I think it will help me "get it together"....and who knows, maybe it can help you young people too. :)
  1. My body will not be able to handle junk food forever; must make changes now.

  2. I can either work out or feel bad about myself, it is up to me.

  3. Just because I want something, doesn't mean I need it. Ex: chocolate at 9 p.m.

  4. A lifestyle change is noticeable to everyone after 12 weeks, stick it out for that long.

  5. I have never been in 'the best shape of my life' and I want to find out just what that feels/looks like. this year. 

  6. Babies grow up wayy too fast, so go see Aubrie Kate once a month for this entire year.

  7. That even though I sometimes get sick of living at home/driving my almost broke down car, embrace the fact that I have more money to spend however I want. With rent and a new car note, that will change.

  8. Wonder, but don't dwell on why I'm single; it will work out with the one I'm supposed to be with.....someday.

  9. Be more active with commenting on my favorite girls' blogs; I will never know who is reading or who it is helping.

  10. Attempt to get off Cokes and Dr. Peppers completely; if not successful, drink ONE of the small 8 oz. cans.

  11. Run. Just put your feet to the pavement and go.

  12. Become a fish, meaning drink a LOT of water.  Even consider a cleanse.

  13. Start drinking a BodybyVi shake every morning. Start my day off the right way and maybe it will end the same.

  14. Keep writing about my past; turn the awkward moments into a hilarious book.

  15. My mom will not be around forever, so actively learn how to cook.

  16. Forget I have an account at the Credit Union. Let that money build up as much as it can.

  17. Surprise my friends whenever I can.  Friendships means too much not to.

  18. Work/figure myself out before I add anyone/anything else in my life.  Life will be less complicated that way.

  19. Get pictures of yourself done professionally. I will look back years from now and be glad that I did.

  20. Tan as much as I want, but also watch my freckles for changes.

  21. Life isn't long enough to wonder so take that trip to California and New York, soon.

  22. That if I want to get an Iphone just for the Instagram app, that is perfectly acceptable. (Update: Buying my Iphone Wednesday) 

  23. I've realized that life is too short to be worried about people who don't care to even text you on a regular basis. 
    The simplest acts usually tell a huge amount about a person.

  24. That I have a pretty great life, semi-healthy body that isn't sick (knock on wood), fabulous friends and that even though life changes constantly; life is meaningful and I should set my attitude the same way.


  1. I am with you on these... :) Meaningful - just enjoy life! It goes by so quickly!

  2. Oh my gosh...this could have been me writing!! SO many of these things are things that I'm learning as well. I'm working on the getting fit, eating healthy, goal and I have to say, I am loving it!! Here's to you accomplishing your goals before 25!


  3. these are great. and yes getting an iphone just for instagram is totally worth it...

  4. Thank you Tiffany - I hope I do!

    Nicole - I hear it is a game changer :)

  5. Take a trip to Charleston, SC :)

  6. Nicole - Of course I will be making a trip there! :)


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