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dos dos day. part dos.

Brooke's 22nd Birthday ended up being a great SUCCESS. 

Let me recap what happened Tuesday and Wednesday night.
I wanted to do something great for Brooke. I thought 'hey maybe I'll put a balloon/birthday card/candy in her car the night before her birthday.' And then my sister had an even better idea: 

Why don't you fill up her car with balloons? 

Umm, perfect. 

This is only 1/4 of the amount of balloons we used.
I say 1 out of 4 because we had to use 4 garbage bags to get them all.  That is how I do math. 

Operation "Fill Brooke's car with Balloons" is a success. 

Thanks for all your help, Nikki! That was so much fun! 

Wednesday morning I got a text from Brooke saying the balloons made her day and that the one balloon I made for Brailyn REALLY made her day.  She is 3 and would rather have stayed at home instead of going to daycare that morning.

Brooke invited everyone over for Taco Night on her birthday.  After everyone was full, Brailyn wanted 'her' balloon out of the car. I took her and then saw what she really wanted to do with it. Balloon fight the birthday girl.  

Here is a few pictures before my camera went dead: 

I know I have already said it 100 times, Brooke, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

P.S.  I have a lot of catching up to do with you faithful followers of mine. 
Cannot wait to post them all. this week, I promise. 

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