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dos dos day.

January 11, 2012.

Today is a very special day -- it is my best friend's, BROOKE, birthday. 
She is now officially 22.
Excuse me, she wants for us to say 'dos dos' instead.
If you haven't been on my blog since I told her Happy Birthday last year, then you are in for a treat.

Brooke is by far one of the closest friends I have. 
We live about a mile from each other and some weekends we are attached at the hip. 
She has the prettiest, sassiest little girl I have ever met.
I hope to be half the mom she is now when I eventually have children, well...if I have any.
I met Brooke when I worked at Mazzios and we were a little hesitant to talk to each other at first. 
But once we did, that was it: instant friendship.  
I can't imagine my life without her in it now. 
Fun fact: Our Senior Year we were both voted Homecoming Queen and we both won Senior Beauties in the annual Beauty and Beau Pageant.  We were 3 years apart in school, but during my Senior Year we were both on the Homecoming court together.
Brooke and her dad were standing right behind me and my dad. (this is before we were friends). 
Things I have learned......from my SugarPie (her nickname)

That above all else, love your family.  They are and will always be your biggest supporters.

Friendship is genuine and kind if you are.
Know who you are and embrace it. People will love you.
It is appropriate to break out and dance in the street any time of the day.

Work hard no matter what; even if you are making pizzas, donuts or doing hair.
Focus only on the things that matter to you.  Negative influences will vanish. 
Cry when you need to, and laugh after you're done.
Never get too old that you can't play on the playground. 

Drive any car you're given.  There are more important things in life than a new car; such as dinners with your girlfriends, trips to New Orleans, and making sure your little girl is smiling.
Get a tattoo, if you want.  Get another with your sister that means something special between the two of you.
After a bad day, cupcakes can cure you of all your ailments.

Smores can put the biggest smile on your face.
If you grew up on drinking coffee, give it to the next generation...even if you do put it in the baby's bottle.
Support your siblings at their athletic events or wherever they need you.
Staying out all night and going to work early may not be ideal, but if your lucky, you have the rest of the day to sleep.
That sweet tea isn't over-rated; but too much ice in the glass is.
The list really could go on and on. 
Dear Brooke,
Happpyyy Dos Dos Day!
You have taught me so many things without ever saying a word. I admire your strength, loyalty and wittiness.  You are a beautiful person inside and out.  You have a wonderful family, so much that I feel just like another daughter to M & C. I hope you never change who you are, even if you hair color never stays the same.  You are going to be a fantastic hair-stylist and I cannot wait to see all the things you accomplish over the next 365 days.
You are going to do great things.
You are great.

[stop back by tomorrow to see how I got the birthday girl's day started]

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