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Funday Monday.

If you follow me on twitter or facebook then you already know how I felt about this past Monday. 
I absolutely loved Monday. 

I work for the State so Monday for me was a Holiday. I decided that since I had the day off I would go down to the coast (just a 3 hour drive) and go see one of my best friend's Anna and her almost-a-month-old at the time, Aubrie Kate.
I arrived in Gulfport around the same time she was getting out of her doctor appointment and we all jumped back in the car and her mom took us to lunch at a place called Sweet Water.  Very cute/old-fashioned little deli. After getting to ride back in the middle between Anna and holding Aubrie Kate's hand, we made it back to the house.  We then proceeded to just catch up on old times and of course, hold Aubrie Kate.
I cannot begin to explain how happy I was in that hour or so when I held her.

She is by far the cutest thing I may have ever seen, ever.  
Only at 8 pounds now and as of the 21st, a month old. I caught myself holding onto her hand that changed Anna's labor around.  I listened to Anna tell the story to me and then to a couple visitors that stopped by the house too.  I looked at professional pictures that were taken a week or so before and her closet full of pinkkk items.  The nursery was of course, to die for, and I wish I had taken pictures of it.

As we were sitting on Anna's couch, Sara and I discussed our current twenty-something lives: We realized that we hate the word 'interest,' absolutely despise paying back our student loans, still live with our parents, struggling to drive our old cars and need to purchase new ones, both single and not dating anyone, and that we want to hold Aubrie Kate forever.
We also realized that our 10 year high school reunion is coming up in just three years. yes, three.
I just sat there with my jaw half-open thinking, "What have I accomplished that I can tell people I have done 3 years from now?"  
That's where Anna comes in...
Anna told us some predictions she think is going to happen to each of us in the next 3 years:

Anna's Predictions for Sara:
  • Sara will still be teaching; but not at the school she currently teaches at.
  • Will have moved to a different city
  • Will have her loans paid off 
  •  Will have a new car
  • Will be dating someone (I added that he will also be in the school system somehow)
Anna's Predictions for Me:
  • I will still be working for the State; but I will be doing something different/different position
  • Will be Married, but no children yet
  • Will have my loans paid off
  • Will have a new car
  • The person I marry will have dark hair, muscles, and will love Jersey Shore just like I do.
The trip was short in hours but was full of laughter and memories. 
I always cherish the time I spend at the coast.
After leaving the coast, I drove on up to Hattiesburg and met Lila for dinner at Newk's.  

Somehow I ended up taking one of Colleen's shirts home with me at New Years and didn't realize it until I unpacked.  If you are following this completely, then you know that means I waited a good 3 weeks to unpack.
Ain't no shame in my lazy game, people.
Dinner was delicious as always and I am glad I got to catch up with Lila before she goes back to work at her full-time job, start school at USM, and begin training with Marathon Makeover.  She is a busy little bee.
I am thankful for any time I can spend with my girls and I can't wait for the next open holiday I have to see them all again. 

Up next: Friday in Nola. 


  1. "girl time" is sooo precious! especially when it involves some sweet baby girl moments:-) xoxo


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