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I broke a tradition...

Every new year since 2009, I have always gone to the MS Coast to ring in the new year, well if you have been keeping up with this blog you know this: My Coast friends had their first baby girl about a week or so before the ball dropped. 

So the coast was not in the plans this year. I ended up going to Tupelo for New Year's 2012.
And I have to say, it was actually the most random, best way to start the new year.

My t-shirt that I got for Christmas that is too small, or I'm too big.

Best friends since they were 5, I think.

Best friends since we act 5, I know.


The married couple who doesn't make me feel like a 3rd wheel. Love them.

Wasn't exactly 12:00 yet, but oh well. 

Wanna know why I'm dressed like this? Keep reading...

I am going to let yall in on a little secret: I do not wear camo anything and I am pretty sure I am still not wearing that orange contraption right.  Let me give you a play by play on what went down that night, completely sober by the way. 

December 31, 2011 Schedule: 

9:00 - 11:00:  Arrived at B & S's house and stood around and talked, cooked pigs-in-a-blanket, ate cookies & blt dip, etc..

11:15: B's sister's friends showed up and we got down to partying.  As everyone else had jello shots, I had Dr. Pepper.  The couples began to play beer pong in the living room, and I sat outside with some of the girls and talked about life, teaching kids, and car problems. 

11:59: Everyone in the house had someone to kiss except me a minute later. 

12:01: Justin came over and gave me a Happy New Year Hug. 

12:30-3:00:  Played my 'new year's cd'; taught 4 of the girls how to "wobble, baby" in the kitchen and played a game of poker with my buy-in being 3 one dollar bills and a $1 off Flinstone Coupon. 

3:00:  The man of the house decided we should go riding in the creek.  That is why I am wearing this: 

What exactly is 'riding the creek?'  Thank you for asking. 

Riding the creek was something completely new to me.  We all got into a truck, I of course sat in the passenger seat in the truck with my seatbelt on, everyone else got in the back of the truck.  We go down a back road that is full of holes and mud-we hit every hole.  I'm already a little tense because I am the only one that hasn't been drinking since ten. All of a sudden we come up to a river, water rushing through it.  I'm thinking, "oh I doubt we go through this." I was wrong.

We go in it. Literally. And then he turned the truck to the right and we rode down the creek. I have never in my life experienced something like this.  I literally thought we were going to drown out there.  It didn't help when S was like "we're about to go through some deep shit, see how there is no ripples out here?" Lovely.

After driving 4 miles down the river, we just park on top of some limestone.  S says "alright we are just gonna chill here for a while." Umm, o-kay? is what came out of my mouth.  And that is what we did. We stood on the limestone, water still trickling a few feet from us and stood in a creek 4 miles from civilization. What.....a good time.

Then it got a little crazier. I held a rifle, like one that the army guy brought with him. 

So let's recap: it is now 4 in the morning, I am standing in a creek wearing orange that you wear when you hunt (I guess) and a camo hat in the middle of nowhere.  

4:45: Decided to get back in the truck, drive back through the creek, get to the house and then we pack up to leave.

5:00 a.m.: Driving the married couple home and almost hit a couple deer with Colleen's car.

6:30: Finally fell asleep and woke up just in time for the Saints game.

New Year's Eve 2012 is one I will never forget.  And if I wrote this blog post well enough, one you will never forget I had either. 


I know I am a week late with this post, but how did you ring in the New Year? 

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