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Lookin' Back at 2011...

To focus on your future, you must first look at your past...

2011 was a year of many things but they all had a similar theme: attempting/trying/doing things that I do not usually do.

January started off the theme with taking a trip to Memphis, TN.  Never having been there before, I ended up running walking a 5K that I had in no way trained for but all for a good cause; trying some famous Rendevous barbeque and walking on Beale Street.

February was normal for the fact that I did not have a Valentine for the 23rd consecutive year in a row, but it brought one new thing: a gym membership and a new love for Zumba.

March was spontaneous fun. I attended the annual St. Patty's Day Parade with my closest friends.  Took a spur of the moment trip to Starkville and met my guido crush, Vinny, off of the Jersey Shore. I was brought up on stage in the VIP section, he shook my hand and said "nice to meet you." The next night, I fell in new shoes twice in a 4 hour span and vowed to never wear them again.

April brought a weekend of spending time with friends and eating wayy too much in Starkville.  Meeting Dan Mullen, the head coach of MSU football at Grumpy's (the town bbq place).  I signed up for The Biggest Loser at my workplace and did not come anywhere close to winning. Also, began to love wine, Boone's Farm to be exact. 

May changed the game for the rest of the year.  It was my 24th birthday celebration, Lila & Colleen came to visit me, Mexican/Olive Garden dinners, Kara graduated, met a hot guy who did me wrong, spent a week in Gulf Shores with my bff, Kristin, and kept going to the gym. 

June crept up on me and soon I was celebrating my birthday (and Kristin's) again, Coast-style. Laying on the beach, eating a Lenny's sandwich for the first time, and gambling for the first time at a casino.  Anna was sweet enough to open her home up to 4 of us girls and we had the best time.  After the coast, days in June were spent swimming and soaking up as many rays as possible. 

July began on the water in Louisiana.  Jeremy was kind enough to invite me for the 4th of July weekend to his parent's lake house.  Spending time out in Lake Bruin will always be able to put a smile on my face.  My obsession with True Blood began that weekend as well.  Lila came to visit me and I introduced her to Bonefish.  I also visited Kristin's dad in the hospital and I watched a Jersey Shore marathon the next day when he lost his battle with cancer.

August was the official month that kicked off WEDDING season.  I successfully threw my FIRST bridal shower for Colleen; however, none of it would have been possible without my bestie, Lila.  We made a great team and it went off without a hitch. 

September was spent doing another first: visiting New Orleans, LA.  Claire's Bachelorette Party was a weekend that I will never forget and the lack of sleep was definitely worth it. This month was also full of dance practices on Sundays, Claire's wedding, and having to miss many plans because I came down with the flu for a week. 

October had to be the best month for friendships, laughter and the beach. Colleen's bachelorette weekend in Memphis was one I will never forget.  From the dinner where not one of us pulled out our cell phones, the horse-drawn carriage ride to Beale Street where I was then searched like I was in an airport to being the best wingwoman ever.  

Spent a 2nd year finding pumpkins with BrailynBelle and Brooke, renting a 3 bedroom beach house with my Mom that we occupied for 5 days, seeing Anna and giving her Aubrie Kate's gifts, spending quality time with Cupit, and getting a sunburn in October were just a few of the highlights. Nothing will beat being asked to be Colleen's Proxy Bride, walking down the beach with Twig, and seeing her and Justin vow to love each other forever though.

October was also the month with the most fun I have ever had on Halloween.  It was the first Halloween where I have ever worn one of the "slutty costumes" and even went all out and got a spray tan.  I also made time to go with Brooke and BrailynBelle to get candy, Brailyn ended up with the flu...so more candy for me.  Of course I did not miss the semester play at Hinds with Taylor either. 

November flew by super fast.  The beginning of it was spent laughing at videos, being told I can't pee in the bathroom because I did not have a VIP bracelet, and seeing everyone I care about at Bulldog Bash in Starkville.  It ended with Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmother's house, deviled eggs and all. 

December was a month filled with traditions, new and old ones.  I ended my year running/walking another 5K for the St. Jude Marathon and promised Lila and Cole we would make that weekend a tradition as well.  I wore my first Tacky Christmas sweater, realized I am allergic to all types of alcohol, my sister turned 21 and I was the DD for 2 of my married friends for New Year's.  

December also brought something major into this world: Aubrie Kate officially graced us with her presence.  I absolutely cannot wait to meet this bundle of joy in a few weeks.  It may just be the highlight of this new year

This year was by far a great one, but I just feel like 2012 will be life-changing.

 And if you made it through this entire post, eat a cookie. You deserve it. (: 

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