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Non-Alcoholic Bourbon Street

Even though I am still exhausted from my recent trip to New Orleans, I figured I can still write posts about it because it doesn't require me to shake my money maker.

To say that I had the best time in Nola would be an understatement.  I am going to break this blog post up into 2 parts: Friday and Saturday in Nola. Sunday is non-existent because we rushed to get out at our 11 o'clock check-out time and then came straight home.

Friday: Sober on Bourbon Street.
After clubbing Thursday night until 3 am, it was a struggle to get up but I was pumped and excited.  We left around 12 noon to head out.  We stopped at a gas station and the cashier talked us into buying some sparkly zebra/cheetah print fedoras in different colors.  (Little did we know how big of a deal those would end up being).

We arrived in New Orleans just in time to check into our hotel Friday.  After we unloaded the whole car we decided to walk around and go sight-seeing/shopping.  

this is what the car looked like before we left. two nights people.

A couple hours passed by and we decided it would be better if we ate and then go back to hotel to get ready instead of doing it the other way.  We were starving.

We arrived just in time for it to start sprinkling at Bubba Gump's (Yes, the whole restaurant is about the Forrest Gump movie).  While we were waiting for our entrees, our waiter quizzed us on the movie trivia.  I will admit that I was not the winner of that game, only answered one question right.*

After dinner we went back to the hotel and began to get ready.  After changing a million times, hairspray flying through the room, and cranking the ipod up..we were ready to go out.  But not before we took pictures in the room.

Now only having been to Bourbon Street once, you would think I would be like hmm..where is this and that? No. 
I felt like a tour guide letting the girls know which way everything was. 

Anywho, we started out letting the girls get drinks (I was completely sober the whole weekend, I sipped on a hand grenade but not for long). After they had their alcoholic beverages, we decided to walk Bourbon Street once to see everything on the strip. 

Sidenote: Walking Bourbon Street makes me giddy.  I don't fully know why but I feel like it has something to do with being able to people watch up close.  This time we were constantly being complimented on our Fedora hats.  Every guy was either looking or saying "like your hat." Automatic smiles came from our faces and we knew we were a big deal.

 After we turned around, we made our way to The Beach.  The Beach is one of the clubs I enjoyed last time; great music to dance to and a fan in the ceiling so you never get too hot. 
We barhopped from the Beach to Razzoo's where we were asked on stage.  The announcer asked us about our hats and we told him we got them at a gas station. He announced Brooke as the birthday girl to everyone and screams came from everywhere. 
It was awesome.  

After we danced on stage for 30 mins or so, we made our way down and onto another bar. Bar-hopping was the theme Friday night, obviously.

 Around 2 am, we decided that we should head back to the hotel...but make a quick stop at Arby's first. While my sister was ordering me a fry, a guy came up to me and once again asked about my hat.  I told him where we got them and then we all made small talk.  

One thing led to another and Nikki, Kara and Brooke ended up taking a picture with their friend who was passed smooth out.  The guys of course wanted Jake to wake up, but they ended up dragging him out still asleep. 
Poor Jakey.

If you think Friday night was interesting, just wait until tomorrow: Saturday takes the cake, birthday cake that is.

*The Forrest Gump question I got right was: "When Jenny married Forrest, what color shoes was she wearing?"  
I answered: None, she was bare-footed."
Ding, ding ding! 

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