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7 and Eight.

I hope each one of you had a fabulous Tuesday.
Today is Payday for me, so obviously it is going to be a good one.

Here is what I have been slacking on...
this challenge.

Up today:
7 wants and Eight fears. 

7 wants:

1. I want to have a relationship with the one man God has planned for me. I want to feel like "I am so lucky to have met this person, but then I want to know they feel the exact same way." However; I can't even get guys to text me back so.....onto numero dos.

2. I want to lose 31 pounds. 
I will finally admit that what my goal weight is to be: 130 pounds.
I was that weight as a dancer at Hinds, so I know it is possible.

3. I want to be the best Aunt to Brailyn and Aubrie Kate.
I take my aunt duties very seriously.

4. I want to at least be in the top 5 of this Biggest Loser Competition.

5. I want to one day own three things: 
A black Hermes bag
A Range Rover 
A house with a jacuzzi that runs over into a pool 

6. I want a new hairstyle.
This scraggly mess is getting old. 

7. One day, I want to have extensions put in my hair. Seriously.

Eight fears

Hmm, I must really like you people.
I don't ever get this honest...but it's a challenge and I love challenges.
I mean, I've seen all of them on MTV. (: 

Here goes nothing, 8 things that scare me:

  1. Dying.
  2. Losing anyone really close to me.
  3. Never falling in love.
  4. Spiders/roaches.
  5. All types of things that fly, except flies and ladybugs. But a bee or a wasp and I'm gone. 
  6. Living a life that isn't pleasing to the Lord.
  7. Cancer.
  8. Not ever reaching 100 followers, help me out would ya? :) 

Whew...I am sure there are more fears that I have but that is all I can think about right now.

I need you to vote on something tomorrow...

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