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And the winner is...

I am so excited to tell you which phone case I decided to go with.

You guys are the best and it was almost a tie between the 'cheetah' and the 'polka.'

I am so glad I didn't have to choose by myself so here is the winner: 

I decided to go with the cheetah print, because well it does look awesome.

But don't fear all you polka voters, I will get the polka dot one too in a few months. I'll just consider it my BIRTHDAY present to myself. 

Thank you to everyone who voted!!  Also, thank you for telling me about different apps I can get; I already got the VS app and the Photo Treat one. Love them. 


  1. So happy you gve photo treats a try!!!! :)

    I LOVE that app!!!!


  2. A smart choice indeed. Purrrr....

    A good app you may not have heard of is Taxi Magic. It let's you book, track, and pay for a taxi. Uses GPS to find your location. Quite helpful on late Saturday nights.

  3. and don't forget about instagram and pinterest app

  4. @Nicole Marie: You know I already have those ;)


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