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The BL Update.

Today is the first day!

I weighed in this morning and my weight is: 165.8

It is no longer a mystery.
I now have a goal in mind of what amount I want to lose over these next 12 weeks. 
I won't tell yall the goal just yet because I don't want to make it too real. 
I also know that this is just a starting point.
But honestly, that numbers scares the crap out of me - I guess in my mind I never thought I would get to this weight.

What I have done the past 2 weeks to prepare for this weigh in:

1. Only drinking one dr.pepper/coke in the morning and it is the small can (8 oz./90 calories)

2. Walked (for 15-20 min.) during the day outside (on days when it wasn't raining)

3. Limited my french fry intake to 2 nights a week. (instead of my usual 3x per week).

4. Drank one glass of sweet tea a day, if any.

5. Drank 4 to 5 glasses of water a day.

6. Went to 2 aerobics classes for an hour each; Jillian Michael's kicked my boo-tay. 

[pictures of Lauren Conrad, because she is just presh and at a really cute weight.]

**I want to say a big thank you to everyone that left me advice on what I can do to lose some weight; the walking away from your cubicle, eating subway for lunch, etc.  I have made a mental note on everything yall have told me and I can't wait to let yall know my progress.**  

I think it will help me this time around to remember that I can and need to be accountable...and what better way than to know yall will be reading it? :)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Woohoo good job. Isn't there 0 cal Diet Dr. Pepper or do you like the regular kind? My co-worker does fitness competitions and when she craves soda she drinks diet Dr. Pepper.

    You can do it, keep up the good work.

  2. Good luck girl sounds like a great start :) And LC is just the cutest!

  3. Hello- I came across your blog from SR. That's great that you want to change your life and lose weight! One year ago I weighed 165lbs. And I know it's hard and takes discipline. But I have a couple suggestions. And I love burgers and fries! In&Out is my fav and we also have a 5 guys- I had their burger then looked at the nutritional chart. Their burger has more calories then both a hamb and fries from I&O! I haven't been back. I used to drink diet Coke for the last 15+years and in Nov I stopped drinking it, it took two weeks to not want it anymore. And I lost 5lbs instantly! I printed out what I'm supposed to eat from myplate.org and started eating more veggies and fruit. And then instead of eating chips and fries I didnt want the soda anymore. I drink water. I keep ice water in a cup all day long and drink it. 4-5 glasses isn't enough either. That has what's helped me the last 15lbs. :) Good luck!
    I also started running- I'm training for my first Marathon and last year I did 7 1/2's in 8 months. :)

  4. @Tabitha, I absolutely hate the taste of diet drinks, I wish I loved them! haha

    @Bethany: Thank you! Yes, LC is one of my favorites :)

    @AmberRuns: I am going to take your advice and drink more water, possibly give up Cokes and Dr. Peppers altogether! I attempted to train for my first half marathon and that did not work out so well. Good luck on your first Marathon, that is great!!


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