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The BL Update.

Today is the 2nd weigh-in.
[drum roll please]

My weight is 163.6!
I lost 2.2 pounds and barely tried! Whoop whoop!

I know yall are probably wondering, What have I done this week?

Things I did to help me lose:
  • Constantly drank water after my half can of coke in the mornings
  • Ate breakfast every morning, even if it was my friends' small sausage biscuits.
  • Went to Wendy's and ordered a SIDE SALAD, no Fries!! :)
  • Walked a mile around the Capitol Wednesday at work
  • Went to Aerobics for an hour Thursday night
  • Tried to get as much sleep as I could (but that wasn't enough considering I was out until 11 at the rodeo Tuesday night)
I will admit that I did not give it my all this week, but it is a process. 
I can't quit everything cold turkey.  I will just want to crave it more. 
Sure I could only eat celery for the next 11 weeks, but is that gonna be what I do forever?  Absolutely not.

It is all about a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

I am so thankful to have you guys reading this to keep me accountable. 


  1. Such good tips! I'm so impressed by you! It is so smart to use your blog as a way of keeping yourself accountable.

  2. way to go! good for you! taking walks i think is the easiet and best way to fell good about yourself!


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