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The BL Update

Today is the 3rd weigh-in.

I weigh 162.2.

[I have only lost 1.4 pounds this week.
I am not very happy about this.]

But I realize that I can't lose 5 pounds in a week,
so I just have to keep doing what I'm doing.


Things I did this week to transform my life and weight:

1.  Walked at least one mile every day.

2.  Took aerobics for an hour thursday night.

3.  Ate a healthier breakfast every morning.  
(Example: 100 calorie grits and a ziploc bag of fruit)

4.  Drank a BodyByVi smoothie for lunch on Wednesday.

5.  Water was my main drink of choice all week.
All day, err'day.

6. I managed to make it in the bed by 10:30 every night. close to 8 hours of sleep consistently.

7.  Did not eat any fries because I gave up Fried foods on Wednesday (see previous post from 2 days ago).

8. Even went to Subway Sunday night, and only ordered a footlong sandwich - nothing extra. And broke the sandwich up into 2 meals.


I also got my taxes done and teeth cleaned on Monday (since I was off work).  That has nothing to do with my weight loss, but I have a prettier smile and more money in my account, ya know whenever the federal government decides to put it in there.

I hope each one of you have a wonderful weekend!!

Mine will consist of hanging out with these two tonight:

Then getting my hair done on Saturday morning before heading to see these two:

Sunday I will come home and wish the weekend was longer. Yep.
What do you have planned to do?  


  1. i really really need to drink more water... i can feel my body getting dehydrated.

  2. What kind of water do they have, only sparkling? I remember buying a sparkling water in the Rome airport and it was disgusting.


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