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Five and Six.

First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to each one of you who are now a follower of my little blog.  Each one of you put a smile on my face and I hope you entered the giveaway on Nicole's page.  If not, please head over there now and do it! The giveaway ends February 9th and I am going to add a little something to each book, just so you know. 

Five Foods

The other day I wrote about how I needed to lose weight, but I am still going to tell you about my all-time favorite foods. 
Foods that I could eat all the time and never get tired of it.
  1. Mexican food. Specifically, rice with cheese dip on top; soft chicken or beef tacos; and beef enchiladas (I do not eat all of this on the same night). And of course, the salsa. Finish with eating a lemon slice from my water and that is my perfect mexican night.

  2. Hamburger and french fries.  I have heard from many blog girls that In and Out is by far the best burger and fries.  Well, here in MS we have Five Guys and it is by far the best hamburger I think I have ever put in my mouth. But I'm not picky, I used to hit up Wendy's weekly.

  3. Newks Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza OR Newks Half-club sandwich with no mayo and a half ceasar salad.  Let me also get 2 cups of sweet pickles and I am yours, forever.

  4. Frozen yogurt. It's all i need.

  5. Last but not least, Chick-fil-a. 
    I always seem to crave it on Sundays = typical.


Six Places
Now 6 places is a little harder to figure out than my favorite foods but here goes nothing:

1.  Rome, Italy. 

I am a sucker for Italy.  
I have only been once and that was in November 2007.  
I absolutely loved all of the architecture, the oldness of the city that resonated through everything and of course, the shopping. 

2. California.

I have never been and I just don't think I'm a full American without at least going once.  I was in the process of planning a trip this summer but that has been postponed. Oh well, I still have plenty of time. 
3. New York City

By now I bet your thinking, "Dang cass have you been anywhere?"  
New York is one of those iconic places that I absolutely cannot wait to visit for a week with one of my besties, Brooke. It has always been her dream to go and I help my friends accomplish their dreams ;)

4.  Greece

To me, Greece, is like the ultimate spot for relaxation and spending time getting to really know the culture.  I would love to travel to Greece and experience everything there is to offer.

5.  Paris

A little self-explanatory, I'm sure.  I want to see the Eiffel Tower before I die.  
Put it on a bucket list or a peice of paper, it is definitely one of my dream destinations.

6.  Anywhere with a beach

I absolutely love the beach.  
I will never understand people and their obsession with the mountains. 

I want sand, sun and someone surfing in my face everyday of the year.  I do not get to go to the beach often enough and if I could travel to all of them, I would be the happiest person in the world.

Now all I need to make these 6 places happen are: money, a beach body, and someone to travel with me.

Shouldn't be too hard.


  1. I just came across your blog today and am SO happy to find a blog written by someone who is not A. Married B. Has children or C. Trying to accomplish A or B as soon as possible. It's seriously a breath of fresh air! I'm now a new follower! :)

  2. Ahh thank you for that comment dear! Yes, you are right; I am not trying to accomplish any of those..mostly because nobody is interested in doing that with this blogger. :) I am so glad you are a new follower! Please comment/email me anytime! :)

  3. We have 5 Guys here too and I LOVE IT. SO good.


  4. I don't know what I'd do if I had to give up Mexican food lol. And you definitely have to make a trip to Cali sometime... so much to do here!

  5. @Tabitha - isn't it the best?! ahh.

    @Bethany - I want to come to Cali so bad. I bet there is!


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