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Goodbye February & Yes, another vote.

Dear February,

You were by far one of the best months I have had in a long time.  I will be honest; I never look forward to you, girl.  You are usually a cold, wet mess and my face looks the same.  But this year, you changed my world around a tad.

You never got cold this year; due to global warming, I'm sure. 
You stayed in the 60's a lot and rained a few times. 
But you were kind of a party. 
The t-shirt wearing on February 3rd - kinda party. 

This month you graced me with an Iphone and a new car.  I cannot thank you enough for showing up so I could purchase those two items.  I truly am blessed to be able to finally have some really nice things.  It is true what they say "once you go Mac, you never go back."
I literally smile walking up to my car every day. 
I hope that feeling never goes away. 

Dear March, 
You have some big shoes to fill.
Good luck.


Now onto the voting part of the program...

I have been trying to grow my hair out for the past decade.
Seriously, it takes my hair forever to grow.

But you know what? 
It is now pretty dang long and I don't like it.
It has no volume and is just flat.

I will admit that I do not do much with my hair.
Brush it and go is my motto.

Basically I need a change,
so I need you to vote on what kind of hairstyle has looked good on me in the past: 

(a). I loved my hair here. 
But it is also at that middle length that is annoying. 

(b). I liked the length and the layers, but no volume.

(c). This length has volume and was fun, but i don't know if I want to go that short again.
This is what color my hair is right now by the way (if that is even a factor in the way you will vote). 

Okay so which one: 
a, b, c, or d?

Wait, I didn't put a (d) up there.
So that is where you can add your own vote.

You can describe something completely different to me:
like an inverted bob?

Vote for which one you like best and/or which one you want to keep seeing in pictures on here.
Because pictures are pretty much what makes a blog great. 


  1. C I say C or something fun like D, how long is your hair now?


  2. It is kinda past my shoulder blades, but it is stringy and gross.

  3. Cutest note to Feb! I love that.

    I vote A all the way! I don't know why I actually like the mid length on most people! Very cute!


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