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A hello and a vote.

I am not psychic, but I have a feeling you may be here today from Nicole's page.
And if so, WELCOME! 
I hope you enjoy my blog and laugh. 
Become my follower on here and I will love you forever, seriously.

I do have a favor to ask of each of you: 
Will you leave a comment saying "spade"  "cheetah" or "polka"??
You will see why in just a second. 

I just bought an Iphone, like at 6 p.m last night and I am already obsessed.
Facebook, Imessage, twitter, instagram, all of it -- I'm on it. 

Here is my dilemma.
Which Kate Spade case do I choose for my new baby, Siri? 

A. Cheetah 

B. Spade 

C. Polka 

Please leave a comment below telling me which one you like the best. I am really liking all 3 so that is why I can't make this decision myself. 

I also would love to hear from other Iphone users what you love most about your Iphone? 
Tell me any and everything. I can't wait to see what all this 4s can do. :) 

Good luck on the giveaway I have put on Nicole's page! 
I can't wait to send 3 of you a book and maybe a little something extra with it. :) 


  1. Cheetah! It's totes presh.

  2. Being a guy, you know I think the Cheetah is badass. Cause, you know, cheetah's are badass.

  3. Cheetah!

    I love the free Nordstrom and Vs apps. You can shop from them!

    Plus the ones you already mentioned.

    Love your blog, excited to follow along.


  4. Polka Dots for sure!!!!

    LOVE my iPhone!! There are sooooooooo many awesome apps!! Try photo treats-- it's a really cool app!!


  5. Love the polka dot one, planning on getting a kate spade case when I get my Iphone in March!

  6. Just started following your bloggy after seeing your post on La Mia Vita :) Love the polka dots!

  7. cheetah, definitely cheetah. i mean, they all work...but i've never seen the cheetah one, and ive seen a lot of iphone cases. #iwantoneformyiphonenowthanksalot

  8. polka! i have an otterbox which you probably dont need but i love it. its ugly but totally protects my iphone. and i live in the mountains so i kinda need it haha

    xo the egg out west.

  9. Polka all the way! That polka case is sooooo adorable. I have been wanting to get an iphone for a long time. I have a Blackberry and I'm willing to throw it away and get myself an iphone. I hope I get mine soooooon

  10. I'm dying to know who won the book giveaway?!!


  11. @Ashley: Nicole should be picking the winners either tomorrow or Friday, I will post it as soon as I know -- I'm anxious to see who the lucky winners are too! :)


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