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I crossed a couple off the list.

Saturday was a busy but absolutely wonderful day,
Sunday was too but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Saturday I woke up around 8 and got ready for my weekend.
I showered, packed my Vera Bradley bag, grabbed my box fan and made sure I had everything for the Coast. 

My hair appointment was at 12 so I had time to eat breakfast, vacuum out my car and hit up Walgreens before I added more blonde to my hair.

I made it to the Coast around 4:30.

I got to scratch a couple things off my list I made a few weeks back. 

Number 6 and 17 to be exact.
I was able to see Aubrie Kate for her second month on Earth AND I suprised Anna with a small gift: a bracelet with an A on it attached to a pearl. 

I have come to the realization that I might not get to go to the Coast every month from now on, so if I can do 6 months out of the year, I will feel accomplished. 

I know yall only really care about the pictures, 
so here they are:

Aunt Colleen asked if I would give Aubrie Kate a kiss for her.
Of course I already had a plan on how to Instagram it. 

Saturday night. 
Watching My Best Friend's Girl and holding this doll in a rocking chair = Perfection. 

Girls Night Out. 

Sunday Morning

One Big Stretch.

I held her hand and promised her I would not to take any more photos after this.

So this blog post has to end now.

Come back tomorrow please.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! That baby is a cutie :)

  2. Thank you girls! One day with that little nugget is not enough! :)


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