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Longest work week = best weekEND.

I don't know if you felt the same way as me, but this past Monday through Friday seemed to be well, the longest work week EVER.

I was so excited when I saw 4:59 on my work phone. 

Even more excitement happened when I realized I was about to go see this: 

I cannot express how great this movie was.  I recommend it to everyone.  I went with my friend Brooke and I am so glad she was my pre-Valentine's date to it.  She held her tears in the entire time but I couldn't.  I even apologized to our waiter after the movie because I looked so terrible.  

Fact: I look worse than Kim Kardashian when I cry. 

The movie is absolutely amazing. 
Go see it, if you haven't already.


Saturday was by far the best day.

Why?? Because I spent 2 hours signing my name over and over again resulting in getting a 

isn't she beautiful?? 

I still catch myself smiling every time I walk up to it.

I am not upset about any part of the payment process either.  My car payment and insurance is beyond reasonable considering I still live at home and have no real bills; besides my cell phone and loan payment. 


Sunday was relaxing.

I woke up around 11, took a hot bath and ate with Brooke for lunch.  

She loved my car and the fact that she could stretch out in my trunk (yes, that's how big it is....more than enough room for my box fan).  

Then I spent the rest of the day watching movies on FX and finally breaking down my anti-twilight attitude and watched Breaking Dawn. 

A wonderful, relaxing Sunday it was.

Now back to another work week.
Hopefully it is not as long as the last one. 

How was your weekend?


  1. I went to see The Vow last night as well. By myself...in my sweats....with a purse full of smuggled in snacks. How cool am I? I really liked it, but wished they had done more with the ending. But listen, two hours of Channing Tatum made it worth every penny I paid. :)


  2. Sounds like a good weekend! Congrats on the new car! That's very exciting!
    I saw The Vow on Friday night as well. I agree... so good! =)

  3. now I really want to see that movie, I love both actors! xo

  4. CONGRATS on the new car Cassie!! I'm so amazed and proud of you!!!!

    I saw The Vow too -- how sad AND sweet at the same time.

    AND I watched Breaking Dawn TOO -- are we the same person this weekend!?

  5. Thank you girls!!! I am so happy with it!

    @Kathleen: looks like we were the same person!! Can we please make dinner SOON so I can show you my new car in person?

  6. Oh my I want to see that movie so bad.

    Cute new car, congrats.


  7. Hahaha nope, i'm pretty sure i'm even uglier than kim when I cry... it's horrid lol.
    Dashing car darling!


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