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Single Awareness Day.

Today is February 14th. 

Some call it Valentine's Day, I call it Single Awareness Day...I always have.
I am not going to lie, I always feel just a little bit down on this day every year.

I am one of those girls that has never had a REAL valentine.
If I think back to "oh, i had a boyfriend that year on Feb. 14th," I then remember I also paid for dinner.
Yeah, not great memories.

I don't get depressed or anything on today, I just think what year will I get to celebrate this day the way everyone else does? 

This year isn't that year either, if you were wondering. 

This year, my sister is my Valentine. 

(taken years ago at the beach)

I am spending time with her at the MS Rodeo that only comes around once a year.

Fun fact: I am not a country person.  I don't and won't wear real cowgirl boots.

So why are you going to the bull-riding, cowboy hat wearing, pigtail hair and plaid shirt Rodeo? 
Because I love my sister.
That's really the only reason I have. 

So here goes nothing.

Big plus side: I get to hear "Crazy Girl" in person by this group right here: 

Even though that second guy is bald, he looks like my type.
Who am I kidding, he will never be my valentine.

Single or with someone today, I wish you happiness today.
I really do. [no sarcasm this time]


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Eli Young Band! So jealous. I read this great quote today about how you don't have to have a lover in your life to have love in your life. That's what it's really all about--or at least that's what my single self is going with today! :)


  2. @Tiffany: Thank you for telling me that quote! It definitely is true, isn't it? :)


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