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Thursday Thoughts...

   Last night, I did step one of getting ready to buy a new car:
 washing/cleaning/scrubbing my old one.  

Let me tell you, that was a workout.  I have not physically washed my car in at least a year and a half.  If you have seen me in that time frame, you know my car is a hoopty [prounouced hoop-tea] and it doesn't look great.  Well a detailed car wash place couldn't make this thing a Mercedes, but I think my mom and I did a pretty great job.
Second step: see if someone wants to buy it before Saturday. 
Everyone please cross your fingers for me today while my mom tries to be a saleswoman.
If not, well lets trade that baby in and get what I really want.

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[Random pic for a random post]

Tomorrow starts the first day of the Biggest Loser.  If you really pay attention to my posts, you would be thinking right now:
Wait, didn't she start the Biggest Loser last friday?

I wish I could say that is what happened.  Last thursday afternoon, we got an email here at work saying: the Biggest Loser was being postponed due to our scale being broken.
Ironic, isn't it?

But never fear dear friends, it is back. And I will be weighing in first thing tomorrow and then letting yall know whats up (but I can already tell you that my weight is what's UP, ridiculous).

So besides trying to lose weight, buying a new car, and looking forward to this work week being over, I really don't have much else to post about.

What do you have planned to do this weekend?
Anything exciting?

P.S. Today the day the giveaway ends on Nicole's page;

I cannot wait to see who she chooses for the winners!


  1. You're buying your very own car?!?! I did that in November and it was the strangest/best feeling! Ahhh you'll have so much fun. Good job! I'm impressed!

  2. Yes! I absolutely cannot wait to sign and be like, this is new and it's mine. Already too excited! ;) I feel like I will be a true adult then, car payment and all.

  3. OOH what kind of car!!! Congrats!


  4. Not sure yet Tabitha, but I promise I will have a whole blog post on it, stay tuned! :)


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