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Thursday Thoughts.

1. That taking a break from your desk and walking a mile around the Capitol while Congress is in session is a great way to clear your mind. 
My phone that now has its' own ipod helps too. 

2.  Sometimes manicures are just mandatory; even in a thunderstorm. 
A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

3.  That eating breakfast, a 90 calorie soup for lunch and then having 2 slices of pizza and a bowl of ice cream for dinner is perfectly acceptable  (well, at least for only the 1st real week of biggest loser). 
I will do better tomorrow.

4.  Everyone is going to post pictures of their bouquets of flowers all over the internet on Valentine's Day.  Don't get upset.  If you don't get a bouquet, you are not any less important.  Trust me, I have 24 years experience on this so far.

5.  Learn to find humor in almost all situations. 
For example, when your mom comes in and hands you your dinner (subway sandwich) and then tells you that the sandwich is your valentine's present.  Yes, dinner = present. 
Just laugh.

6. Appreciate your best friends. 
They will be there for you in the last minutes when you find out your dad just got the flu and you need somewhere to crash for the week.  [Because there is no way you can take any type of sickness down to the coast this weekend. Aubrie Kate would be so mad at me.]

7.  9:00 will always be a time that I sit in front of my tv and watch MTV.  Teen Mom 2, Jersey Shore, Battle of the Exes; all of them.  I also secretly hope that CT and Diem get back together for good. I love that couple.

Well if this post wasn't random enough for you, feel free to add some of your thoughts in the comment section.

Have a happy JERSday Everyone!

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  1. Right?! CT and Diem should totally get back together!


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