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Better Late than Never.

I know, I know...I am super late on this post for a Monday.
I will admit that I am having a hard time adjusting back into the working world today.

I literally LOVED this past weekend. 
So much that I even got semi-depressed while I was driving home. 

Here is a recap in pictures:
(and you have already seen these if you follow me on Instagram)

this awkward photo of me shows my #katespade cover AND my short, short hair.

Me and My Hairstylist in Tupelo :) 

Next up, getting ready for Dinner and Football.

"Cass, it's March...there is no football."
Oh yes, yes there is.

INDOOR football. 
It was fabulous.
I love football anyway I can get it...
and Tupelo won! 

Onto other things: 

I will admit that I did the broom thing this weekend.

People all over FB were posting pictures of brooms standing up on their own.
I for one did not believe until we did it, it was so much fun.
I don't know if the universe is really aligned and honestly, I don't care.

It was fun, something different and the red broom was still standing at 9 am the next morning. 
Kinda creepy when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

I really did not want to start back to work today.
I struggled to get out of bed and as I was driving to work I got this picture message: 

This completely made my day.

I cannot wait to go back down to the coast next weekend.


How was your weekend? 
Did any of you try the broom thing, or at least see it in your fb news feed?

I know you did, Terri.
I keep up with you girl. :) 


Leave your thoughts ANYTIME.
I will reply back.