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The BL Update.

Today is another weigh-in.

I weigh 163. 
I gained .8 of a pound.

Instead of telling you what I did this week in bullet points; I wanna switch it up.
This week I want to tell you what I've learned over the past few weeks; the pros and cons.

- I finally agree with the saying, "put good in, get good out."  I cannot express how much better I feel about myself by just cutting out the junk food/fried foods and limiting the carbonated drinks to one on the weekends.  I feel lighter, a tad more energized (still have a cubicle job, ha ha), and just overall healthy. 
- I have put myself on a food schedule sort-of.  This is how I am now eating:  
8:05 -  Eat breakfast.
[which is either 100 calorie grits/fruit or one egg beater's egg scrambled and 2 turkey sausage links]
10:30  - Eat a small snack.
[a handful of grapes/handful of goldfish/an orange/etc]
12:00 - Have lunch
[turkey sandwich and goldfish/tuna fish and crackers/soup/etc]
3:30 - Eat another small snack.
[fruit/handful of peanuts/etc]
6:00 - Eat dinner at home.
[whatever my mom has made that night or cut up a tomato and cucumber and sprinkle salt/pepper on it/
and have a salad. NO bread at night.]
I typically do not eat anything else after that.
Drink bottled water all day, except if I drink some sweet tea w/lemon.
Now onto exercise:
- I have began walking one mile in the mornings before my snack and one mile in the afternoon after my afternoon snack.
- This week, I made it to aerobics 2x.
First time I have made it to both classes since the start of the competition.
- Looked up Nutritional Information about Subway sandwiches and realized that they are not that healthy for you. Sure it's better than a double cheeseburger from McDonalds, but 1080 mg of Sodium in their breakfast sandwich?
Umm, I don't care to order my sandwich and high blood pressure pills.
That. is. crazy.

- Next up, I read an article from Shape.com that said "is fresh fruit making you not lose weight?"

I, of course, clicked on it because that seemed to be all I ate last week as my snacks and I only lost a pound. After reading it, it basically said you cannot eat all the fresh fruit you want because you can end up adding an extra 400 calories to your daily diet whether you realize it or not.
- Reading articles this week has really put a damper on things.

What do you have planned to do this weekend? 
Anything exciting? 

I am headed up to Elvis-town today (Tupelo).
To spend time with this girl: 

We are going to have a great time,
I just know it. :)  


  1. You can do it, I like your pros and cons. MY fitness model friend says if you eat fruit eat it before two PM and only have one serving.

    Keep it up!!


  2. You can do it!! Pretty low key weekend over here...

  3. Great work on the food and working out!! That is AWESOME! Be leery of what you take from an article about fruit..they have "good" natural sugars, and although you are adding calories to your day by eating them (as you do with anything you eat!), they are needed for a healthy system. Keep up the great work!


  4. Keep up the good work! I really need to start my spring-time diet and exercise makeover, I'll be sure to keep following up on yours :)


  5. Thank you girls for all of the encouragement! Each weigh in is a process for me and I hope you all stay tuned! :)

  6. I'm digging your healthy lifestyle journey updates! Don't get discouraged. Interesting article about fruit. I eat lots of fruits as a 'healthy low calorie' snack...or so I thought.

    And I'm glad someone else plans out an eating schedule. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing it, haha.



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