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The BL Update.

Guess what?
My body now thinks this biggest loser thing is literal.
Like get as big as you can, Cass.

Today, I weigh...


Okay so let me get this straight:

I walked 2 miles every day.
Went to aerobics and worked out for an HOUR monday night.
Ate salads at night and only had special K cereal in the mornings.
Got enough rest.
Drank no caffeine (even though I'm so pissed I'm drinking my first Dr. Pepper at the moment - it is beyond good by the way)
Drank PLENTY of water.

Does that sound like it would gain to you?

My body is ridiculous.

To top off a shitty week, lets add .8 more pounds of crappy icing to the cake I can't eat.

I promise to have happy posts next week.
You know, when I'm happy again.

Enjoy your weekend to the fullest, everyone! :)

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