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The BL Update.

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Drum Roll Please.....

Today I weigh:  161.2!!!

That means I lost 2.6 pounds.
I am so so so proud of myself right now.

This week I started to really think about my weight.  
I will be honest, I am looking at the number. 
Everyone says you should judge by how you feel in your clothes...
but that's not how I'm viewing this. 

I am going to celebrate this victory tonight with my girls and have a margarita.

What's happening tonight, Cass?
Glad you asked.

After work today, I am headed back down to the Coast.

Not only do I get to see Anna and Aubrie Kate, I get to see Colleen too! 
We are making our way down to spend time together and I have a feeling it is going to be a great time. 

I mean, we always seem to have fun together...

I promise to come back Monday with new pictures. 
I will look like the paparazzi this weekend.

What are your weekend plans? 


  1. Congrats, girl! What a wonderful feeling! You are inspiring me to track my weight and see what kind of differences I can make in that area. Enjoy your weekend getaway! So fun!

  2. GREAT WORK Cassie! You've got this! Keep up the work...it will pay off in no time!



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