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The BL Update.

Today I weigh: 160.8
I lost .4 this week and I didn't really work out.

I am really really wanting to get out of the 160's.
I am almost there.

I can think back to when I was in the 130 range and felt good.

Here are some pictures of back then: 

No VS Model Material, but it was something.

I can get back to this.
It is just going to be some hard, hard work.
Because unfortunately I am no longer in college....
where I had mandatory dance classes every day.

Have a great weekend!


  1. oh my gosh you can so do it! i am so impressed with you!! seriously, i need to instill some new habits.

  2. I just came across your blog and i love it! I was also thinking this exact same thing a few days ago as I was going through pictures of college. I think about every girl thinks this too...

  3. Keep it up girl! You are working so hard... you are going to get there :)

  4. Hi there! New follower here!! I just came across your blog and I'm loving it! Love the humor in your posts!! Can't wait to read more! =)

  5. Your weight loss posts have inspired me to start my own. I think I'll be much more successful if I have to "fess up" to what I have done.

  6. Thank you girls, I love all your encouraging words. And welcome Cara and Miss Riss, I am so happy for new followers!! :)

  7. I just stumbled across your blog- YOU CAN DO IT! I think it's so admirable that you are working to reach a reasonable and healthy goal! Just be healthy and you'll reach 130 in no time :) Happy Sunday!


  8. Thank you for those kind words Bailey! I hope you enjoy my blog! Comment anytime! :)


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