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The BL Update...

First, I FINALLY put pictures on Anna's post.
You can either scroll down or click here

Alright now on to what everyone cares about on Fridays....
The BL Update! 

Before I tell you what my weight is this week, I just want to say a huge thank you.
To Haley who has seemed to literally comment on each one of my posts, but especially my BL Updates.
Also a thank you to each one of you that keeps giving me encouragment and praise.
Your words mean a lot more than you even realize.
Now onto what we are all anxious to see: my number.

Drum roll please...

This week I am 159.2
I am officially out of the 160's! Whoop whoop (raise the roof)!
I am so so so happy right now.  

I need to admit a few things here...
This week I did try to eat well. 
I will admit that I had a slip up on Tuesday and ended up getting Wendy's for dinner.
It was one of those nights where I just wanted to crawl in bed and do nothing.
I slipped up on Lent too because you know I gave up fried foods and basically inhaled those sea-salt pillars of grease.

I did not beat myself up for it though.
I knew I would go running Wednesday after work and believe me, I worked it.
Thanks to having my running partner who pushes me beyond what I think I can do.
Some nights I would get a craving for ice cream/chocolate/anything sweet actually (which since I'm being honest, it is every night) I think, Is this going to help me lose weight and impress my blogger girls?
And of course the answer is no and so I fight that craving.

You girls are becoming my motivation.
And that is something that is even better.
You rock. :)
Guess what?
It's friday and I'm staying home!
No traveling.
My car is going to get a bath, my room needs a major pick-me-up, spending time with friends and church is all on the agenda.
I need to get my personal, everyday life back to normal.
What do you have planned to do this weekend?


  1. just found your blog- love how honest it is! can't wait to read more :)

  2. good job girl! way to go!

  3. Just found your blog though Style Me Swanky. Way to go on being healthy! I often post on Wednesday about health and excercise. You're doing a great job! I saw the color run a while back and was so bummed to see that I had missed the closest run to my by a weekend. Great to be following you!

  4. You're so sweet! Thanks so much for the mention :) And great job, as always!

  5. Found you through Style Me Swanky. Awesome job on running!!! It is very addicting! The run should be a lot of fun. Some friends of mine did the Austin color run and had a blast!
    I'm your new follower :)


  6. Thank you girls!!! I am so so happy yall decided to follow me and leave a comment - Made my day! :)

  7. Hi there! I found you through explore.dream.discover. blog. I love love love your blog!

  8. way to go cassie!! good for you!! keep it up!! are you feeling good??


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