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Challenges, all types.

I skipped blogging yesterday mainly because I did not have the time.
Yesterday (tuesday) was a rough day. 
Work was almost unbearable at times (walking for 20 mins in the morning and afternoon barely helped). 
Ever had one of those days where you were just in a bad mood for no reason?
Yeah, that was me.
I promise to make up for it today with a super-long post about Challenges.


 It's the last part of the challenge! 
9 Loves.
1. Family
I know I do not talk about my family as much as I do my friends on this blog.  One particular reason, my mom and dad do not like to have their pictures taken. My sister on the other hand is a picture freak. She has boxes of photos everywhere.
My family is by my side, no matter what. I still live in the house with them and probably will forever.
2. Friends
My friends are my life. 
My life revolves around my friends. 
As you all know, my blog consists of who I went to see/hung out with each weekend.
I don't know what I would do without these people, or how I got so lucky to have met them.

3. Material Posessions
I am in love with my car and my Iphone 4S.
My Kate Spade cover is the best thing to happen to Siri.

4. Blogging

I never thought I would be a person that would fall in love with blogging. Some people still don't really understand why I am putting my life out in the internet world but I think I have finally figured out why I love it so much: 

It is basically like a diary that you will always have. The internet isn't going anywhere and isn't it kind of cool to know that when you get into your 70's, you could click a button and read about what you did 50 years prior? Your kids and grandkids could just read about your life after college? I certainly do. 

I am so thankful to everyone I have emailed/chatted/never met (yet) in this little blogging world.
I cannot express how much your comments mean to me.

5. Dancing
Dancing didn't play a major part in my life until the 9th grade.
When I did not make it my 9th grade year in tryouts, I knew I wanted to work even harder to become a high school dancer.
I think the coach knew the same thing, because she made me manager and I was at every single dance practice, watching and learning moves while playing the music and helping when I could.
The next years' tryout, I made it!
My life changed after that, dramatically.

6. College
I'm sure your thinking, what...College? She graduated already.
You would be correct, I did.
But I mean to say here that I love college, as in college life.
The past couple of days I have really, really missed my old college days.

The hour in class and then spend the rest of the afternoon at the gym before hitting up mexican with your girlfriends on thursday night - seeing beer pong being played in the pool and in certain apartment buildings - the stressing out about a test but realizing that was your only stress for the week? Priceless.
With Spring break being hashtagged every 5 posts on my twitter feed,
I can't help but being secretly jealous of every 19 year old I come across right now.

7. Frozen Yogurt
I ate it two times this past weekend and could eat it every day for the rest of my life.
Yes, it's that kind of love.

8.  Tanning
Before GTL was even a trend, I loved to tan.
I really don't think there is any better relaxation than laying in a bed that is designed to make you darker.
20 minutes of uninterrupted silence (or ipod listening) and then get out and go about your day? Love to.

9.  The Beach/Sunshine
Hearing the sound of the waves crash and my feet in semi-hot sand is by far the thing that makes me smile the most on the inside and out.
I don't know if I will ever get to live at the Beach, but visiting twice a year is a must.

Ten Secrets
1. I actually hate shopping for clothes for myself.

2. I am allergic to certain types of metal; hence the reason I barely wear any jewelry.

3. I do not know how to roll my own hair.

4. Makeup is only worn twice a week, if that.

5. I don't wear heels and I fell in wedges twice in one night last year, so I am scared to wear anything with height now.

6. I must sit on the end of the aisle at a movie theater.

7. I have never seen all of Gone with the Wind, and don't care too.

8. I dislike baseball and probably always will.

9.  I worked at the same pizza place for 6+ years, and there are moments when I want to work there again. 
But then I get over it.

10. My favorite movie is Cruel Intentions. I owned a VHS player and searched and searched for the VHS version but I could only find it on DVD, so I also bought a dvd player. 
True Story.
Now that I am finished with this challenge, I am participating in the #Marchphotoaday challenge on Instagram.

I have already missed 2 days but if you want to see the rest of them,
follow me @alwaysablogsmaid
Speaking of Challenges, anyone remember Brad from the duels/etc..

Well, he 'liked' my comment I made on his sons' photo on Facebook Sunday night.
Sooo much better than getting a RT on twitter. 

Anyone watching Battle of the Exes tonight?

Any challenges happening in your life right now that you need me to pray for? 
If you don't want to comment, send me an email.

Everyone goes through challenges, even if the biggest one today was reading through this long post, ha ha. :) 


  1. I love him, they're so cute, and still together I'm assuming??

    Love that show, and your 9 loves.


  2. From what I can tell on facebook Tab, they are definitely still together. Love them.

  3. I love this! Definitely joining in.


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