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The Color Run.

If you have never heard of this, do not be alarmed.

I did not hear about this particular 5K until yesterday morning from my friend Kara on facebook.
All I read was 5K, New Orleans and November and I was sold.
Then I actually clicked on the website and WOAH, I'm definitely doing this.

But Cass do you even run?
Not at all, but this is definitely my new motivation to at least be able to run 3 miles, even if these are just for fun.

Please go check out the website:
This thing is traveling to over 30 cities and there has got to be one near you.

Registration isn't open for the ones I want to do yet, but don't think my Type A Personality hasn't already made notes in my planner. 

If anyone is interested, I am possibly running the one in October in Memphis, TN and then of course November in NOLA.

What a runner big-talker I am.
I feel very SkinnyRunner-ish already announcing future races.

Their website is hilarious. 

Make sure you check it out. (: 


  1. I just saw this last week and I'm so going to have to do it!! Looks like SO much fun!


  2. My friends did the Color Run in Austin about a month or so ago! I wanted to so badly but it was the weekend before my half marathon. Do it, do it, do it!

  3. I might do the one in SF! Looks like such a blast :)

  4. Oh MAN! This looks like so much fun! One of my girlfriends was talking about doing it in Seattle or Portland. It looks AWESOME! We're doing the Dirty Dash for sure in June. Can. Not. Wait!! :)


  5. I wish they would do one of these close to STL!

  6. I am so excited to do this! I just need to learn how to run, no biggie ha ha.

    Couch to 5k here I come!

  7. Holy moly, that looks like SO MUCH FUN. Now if only I was a runner. :)



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