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Dear Anna,

Today is your 24th birthday.

I cannot begin to wish you enough happiness today, but you know I am going to try with linking this on your facebook wall, writing on your fb wall, and sending you a text message at a random time of the day.

I really hope what I have planned gets to you today in the mail.

I tried to plan it out in my mind how long it would take to get to you.

Ever since I met you back in 2008, our friendship has evolved into something greater than I imagined.

Here are just a few examples of what I'm talking about:

From the riding to Newks in your 4Runner singing "Stacy's Mom"...

- to slipping letters underneath each other's doors in our apartment

- waking up around Halloween and having a goody bag sitting outside our rooms

- eating asparagus with italian dressing and parmesan cheese sprinkled on it

(also eating so much of it I vowed to never eat any ever again)

- Going to dinner with your mom weekly at Crescent City when she would come down

- Celebrating your birthday in your old apartment

- The fun/exciting/sometimes scary times on your parent's Mardi Gras float and boat.

I think there was only one time when I got upset with you:

Do you remember Kaitlyn calling me and saying that yall couldn't make it to my birthday dinner at Rio Grande, and then when I got there yall had all my gifts set out? I still have that zebra print picture frame by the way.

That was the worst/then best feeling.

I will always cherish our friendship; through the ups and downs, babies and boyfriends/husbands, etc.

You are a very special person, Anna C.

Don't ever forget that.


Ten Things I have learned from Anna:

1. Family is the most important thing in life. Stay near them, whether physically or just emotionally.

2. The word friend takes on different meanings as the years pass by.

3. Whatever you want to do in life, do the best you can at it. That's all anyone ever expects anyway.

4. Enjoy the moment, whether it is a USM football game, a Nascar race, or watching your daughter watch cartoons in her swing.

5. Speak to everyone, even if you secretly do not like them. Never let that show.

6. If you love the song, Stacy's Mom, sing it as loud as you can. It will end up bonding you and another person later on in life.

7. Never get too wrapped up in materialistic things. A hurricane can take it away from you faster than you think.

8. Never get too "old" to not dress up and look silly.

9. It is okay to look back at your BIG moments in life and wish you had changed a few things. Life is all about changes and what could have been, just don't let it affect your mood today.

10. People will be janky and treat you wrong; you just have to let those people go and spend time with the ones who were there for you from the beginning.....singing Stacy's Mom in the 4Runner with you.

Happy Birthday Anna!!

I am so glad you were born, seriously.

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