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Halfway through March...


My brain feels like this photo today.
This year is just flying by wayyy too quickly.

For some reason the closer it gets to my birthday,
 the faster the days go by.

I am trying to mentally slow down and enjoy each moment as it passes.
[But that doesn't mean I haven't made some 'save my birthday weekend' invites already]

So far this month I have...

Experienced an indoor football game
Danced in Colleen's living room until 1 am
Had 2 pedicures done in less than 7 days
Killed a spider in my car as I was driving.
Was Nicole's Proxy Bride & Program Attendant
Got my hair cut
Changed the way I eat & began walking at least one mile a day
Finished the third season of Sons of Anarchy
Added the My Fitness Pal app on my Iphone (love it)

What I have planned the rest of the month:

Visit Aubrie Kate's mom and celebrate Anna's birthday
Visit Cupit in Monroe and catch up on life
Keep walking the 2 miles a day at work
Possibly start running jogging after work (thank you daylight savings)
Bring more nutritional lunches to work
Less eating out

My mom is going to the beach without me next week.
But if I was being completely honest, I am no way ready to be in a bathing suit.

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  1. You are a busy gal! I am loving daylight savings too... makes me feel like I can get more done during the day!!!


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