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I am just SO happy.

I have had an absolutely perfect weekend so far and it is only Saturday afternoon.

I cannot stop smiling for 4 different reasons.

1.  I had a margarita and saw 21 Jump street for the second Friday night in a row last night.

2.  I got to experience a creepy old man/poem photographer give one of my best friends' lipsticks and a dress he wants her to model for him. - Full story on that this week I promise, it will be the best blog post all week I'm sure of it. 

3.  I got my room completely cleaned, my car inside and out, chores around the house, and a couple hours of relaxing in the bath and semi-facial all before lunchtime with Brooke.

4.  Because on Friday I had almost 10 new followers!
You guys are the best, please comment or email me anytime.
Your comments made my day. 
I love chatting with fellow bloggers!

I hope each one of you have a great rest of the weekend. 

I have a feeling I am going to. (:

Picture credit: Haley

P.S. This photo is so presh, it is now my Iphone wallpaper. 
Don't hate. 


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend :) Feels so good to be productive and have fun!!!

  2. i know what you mean, lately my weekends have felt similar. i think it might have something to do with getting so much accomplished so early in the morning. Checking things off your to-do list & realizing it's only noon is a such a great feeling! Motivates you to take advantage of the rest of the weekend even more so. :)

  3. I saw that movie too, Loved it.


  4. Great post and a great day. Love it!


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