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Weekend with words.

Have you ever had a weekend that was so great you get a little sad when you know you have to go back to your normal, everyday routine?

Well thanks to my wonderful friends - that is how I have felt for the past 2 weeks.
If I had to describe this past weekend in two words it would be: 
wonderfully relaxing.

I had to work all day Friday so I didn't get to the coast until 8:15 p.m.
Dinner started at 8.
Ben and Justin came and picked me up after I got ready and we reached the restaurant around 8:45.
Needless to say, I was the last one in.
But as I sat down, everyone was just getting their food so it was all good.

After taking pictures, laughing, drinking a margarita and a couple pink cupcakes later, we made our way out to dance.
Would you believe we all danced for 30 mins and then decided it was time to go home at 11?
After getting ice cream, of course. 
Yes, we are officially old but our taste buds are still children.

Saturday began slowly.
The boys left early that morning to go fishing.
Us girls took showers, played with Aubrie Kate and then decided to go to lunch with no makeup on.

Here is a little photoshoot of all of us: 

Saturday night was just simple fun.
Us girls made a pinterest recipe as the guys grilled hamburgers and hot dogs outside.

A bunch of friends came over and it was just nice to tell stories and catch up.
 Stories about our younger days and reminisce on our college years.
Once again, we fit the trend of everyone going home around 11.


Sunday, Colleen rode with me to Laurel and we followed her hubby to Raising Cane's.
Yes, I cheated yesterday and ate some fries.
They were delicious.
After visiting with Lila and Cole for a few hours, we went our separate ways.
I tend to miss these people a lot when I leave.
I know it's just until next time, which in reality isn't that far away.
But in a way, it is what keeps me going.

I have realized one thing:  
The 5 days after my weekend is just enough time to prepare for the next one.

Now to end my post with a quote by a very wise man off the Hangover: 

FYI: There is going to be a lot of sweetness on the blog this week.


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